Tracks Black Lucky Draw - G1

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In theory Black Tracks #44 was a 1 of 300 Lucky Draw e-Hobby toy.  Rumors have it that extras of these Generation 1 Stingrays were scooted out of the factory in secrecy, but no one exactly knows.



Transformers fans had to purchase Japanese Transformer Comics (Millennium Publishing) to win this campaign prize, limited to 300 pieces. The Character card was not included, but the black coloration made this detail inconsequential.  To enter , collectors had to cut out coupon in Manga book & send off to the publishing house.  If you were the Lucky Draw winner it arrived in the plain white box.

Some robots look gaudy in lucky draw garb, but the E-Hobby Black Tracks is spectacular.  Shiny black plastic and unique sculpt launchers add sizzle to the formerly blue Tracks.

As with the G1 Tracks of old, the Stingray Corvette has a unique flight mode where the rear wheels fold in and airplane fins pop out.  -A 3 mode Transformers; if you are being generous.


Black Tracks is special, but only time will tell how much so.

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