thesilent's Artwork for a 2007 Exhibition

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Presented below is the artwork created by forum member thesilent (Federico) for a science fiction / contemporary art exhibition held in 2007 in Italy.  His work is so phenomenal that I had to get it up on the site! 

These are the posters made for the show. 

show_poster_3_s show_poster_2_s show_poster_s

He also made a series of promotional postcards for the show.  The compositions are perfect, from the amazing European architecture to the colors and lighting.

Diaclone_postcard_s Combattler_postcard_s Doublas_postcard_s

Diaclone_postcard_2_s Diaclone_postcard_3_s Baltan_postcard_s

Getter_postcard_s Grendizer_postcard_s

Below are some other examples of his work that were presented in the forum, but were not part of the show discussed above.  I just love the style of these photos and how realistic these seemingly vintage photo discoveries are.  He truly captured the spirit of archival photos. 

bigo1920_s bigoflamethrower_s bigofrenchtrenches_s


(Note: All compositions and artwork are the property of thesilent and may not be used without his permission.)

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