• Dead End Alternators-Binaltech
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  • Jeeg - Transparent Magnemo Reissue by Takara
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  • GD-17 Daitetsujin 17
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  • Gran-Fighter ST by Takemi
  • Bombshock with Combaticons PCC
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  • GX-24 Tetsujin DVD Special Edition SOC Review by Gold
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  • Telephone Robot
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  • Godaikin shipping box
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  • VT-01 Super Ostrich
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  • Vintage Model Collector Cards
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  • Getter Robo One SG-02 by Aoshima
  • Star Gaogaigar Brave 24 CMs Review by Gold

Star Gaogaigar Brave 24 CMs Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 3/3/09 on the Robot-Japan Forum:


Hi all, I just picked up the Brave Gokin 24 Star Gaogaigar Ver.2 and here's the review.

Some of the pics are thumbnails. Please click to view larger images.


Greattoys was only able to get the Hong Kong limited version, it doesn't have any chromed parts and instead has flat gold finish. I decided to get it just to try something different.:)

Hong Kong Limited version is limited to 300 units only.

Trays (note the missing Protect Shade and display base accessories).
[image] [image] [image] [image]

Gaogaigar TV series opening credits. Please click image to begin video playback.


[image] [image]


Gaigar claw!

Gaigar with Stealth Gao II (flight mode).

Gaigar with Drill Gao attachments.

Gaigar with both Gao Machines

Final Fusion!(video to be added later)

Some notes on "Final Fusion"

Admittedly, I made a mistake in the transformation and didn't slide these clips all the way in (they're supposedl to lock in place if done right), making the lion's mane misaligned. Silly me.;D

New designed lock for clipping onto Gaigar, unfortunately, this section is now plastic (it was diecast on the first release, this was probably made plastic to minimize scratching I guess)
[image] [image]

Comparison with first version head (right)

[image] [image] [image]

Opening face plate to reveal Gaigar.

Phantom Ring!

Broken Phantom!
[image] [image]

Protect Wall!

Dividing Driverl!

Gatling Driver!

Twin Driver!


[image] [image] [image]

[image] [image] [image]

Goldy Marg!!!!
[image] [image] [image]



[image] [image]

Zonder Core.

Comparisons with Brave Gokin 2 first release Star GGG.

Comparison with first version Galeon(right).

Linear Gao (Ver 2.0 on the bottom, note the redesigned transformation removing the need to take out the plastic cover)
[image] [image]

Stealth Gao II (now comes with underside plate cover, missing from the first Star GGG release)

Drill Gao

First Version Dividing Driver (top) compared with 2.0 (bottom).

Diecast pistons and collapseable shaft.
[image] [image] [image]

Comparison with first release Goldy Marg

Comparison with "Shiny" Star Gaogaigar (first version)

A different take, using the "shiny" Goldion Hammer with the "non-shiny" Star Gaogaigar 2.0.

Without the Marg Arm.
[image] [image] [image]


With Marg Arm.

The Good
-New longer shoulder fins on the Gaigar (to connect to the Stealth Gao)
-Ratchet jointed Ankles (very nice!)
-Redesigned Linear Gao (no need for any parts removals).
-Redesigned Gaogaigar head.
-Improved shoulder and elbow joints (your mileage may vary though)
-Redsigned "collapseable" Dividing and Gattling Drivers.

-Lots of newly added diecast parts
--Gaigar's shoulders
--Gaigar's lower legs
--Gaigar's knees
--Gaogaigar's biceps (on the Linear Gao)
--Gaogaigar's Feet (on the Drill Gao)
--Diecast Pistons on the Dividing and Gattling Drivers

I've got to say, the diecast parts now really balance the toy, making the Star GGG stable enough to be displayed without the support prop behind it.:)

Support stand (no longer necessary thanks to the added diecast parts, making Star Gaogaigar heavier and more balanced.)
[image] [image]

-Improved connections for the Lion's mane.

-Redesigned Goldy Marg wrists transformation.

-New designed locks for the Lion's mane to the Gaigar.

-New skirt plate articulation.

-Added paint for the Lion's fangs.

-Articulated fingers are a blast to pose!:)
[image] [image] [image] [image]

-Comparison of the weight thanks to the added diecast parts.

-1st Release: 280 Grams
-Ver 2.0 Release: 400 Grams

Drill Gao
-1st Release: 160 Grams
-Ver 2.0 Release: 280 Grams

Star Gaogaigar
-1st Release: 700 Grams
-Ver 2.0 Release: 900 Grams

Side note about disconnecting the Drill Gaos: Even though the knees are now diecast I still prefer pushing out Gaigar's feet through the heels to prevent any accidents (this is how I disconnect the Gaigar on the plastic knee versions too). The Gaigar's claws are sharp so use a piece of cloth to push out the feet or else you'll hurt yourself.

The Bad
-Missing Display stand.
-Missing Protect Shade accessory.

That's about it, not too many negatives, they fixed almost all the issues that were the cause of criticism in the first release. Personally, the most frustratiing problem would be...

The Ugly
The Fists!!! I was totally happy with my Star GGG 2.0 until I was disconnecting everything to return into the box and the fist disconnected at the wrong end.

I really, really wished they gave more thought about this. The peg will definitely give every time you "unplug" or swap out the wrists from the forearms. It's a given.

You can reattach the peg back in but it will wear down evertually everytime you swap out the fists (not a problem with previous releases). Very annoying.


Overall, I love this new release, it's just a shame that these "fixes" and improvements weren't done sooner (like for the first release of Genesic Gaogaigar and Gaofighgar).

The high price tag might be a turn off but if you're a Gaogaigar fan, then this one won't disappoint (except maybe for the fists). Even if you already have the Star GGG first release, you might want to check out this one, the improvements are very worth getting a second Star GGG IMHO.




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