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Otasuke-Sande DX by Takatoku

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


The following review was originally prepared by Baron Weirwulf on 1/25/12 on the Robot-Japan Forum:


Takatoku Otasuke-Sande from the TV Anime Otasukeman which was part of the Time Bokan series.

Hey kids - just got this.  I've been eyeing it on Ebay for about 2 months, but I finally sprang. It was pricey, but WORTH IT!! To me this is now my favorite toy in my collection as it has it all. As some of you may know, I just started recently collecting vintage to go with my mostly SOC type collection. If I see an unusual toy of the past that grabs me, I'll add it.

This has it all! Firing missiles, animal related, 70s/80s color, it even turns from a pelican into a tank! It also has a very cool spring loaded wheel track that flips into a normal wheel track in a very cool way, which I'll show below. Comes with a numebr of gizmos and perks that Takatoku seems to love, including like rubbery little Gashapon. I tried the missiles - they shoot VERY far!

It has a lot of gold plating and a TON OF DIECAST!! The major part of the body, head and neck is all diecast. Check it out!!


OS DX_box_1 OS DX_box_2 

OS DX_box_3 OS DX_box_4


OS DX_toy_1 OS DX_toy_2

OS DX_toy_3


First flip wheels to tank treads. {note missile levers too}

OS DX_toy_4 OS DX_toy_5

OS DX_toy_6

Flip open canopy to reveal the secret egg and remove secret egg!

OS DX_toy_6

Fold back pelican neck, remove beak and basket, and add tank cannon.

OS DX_toy_8

The lower neck reveals the cockpit of the tank, {removed cannon in second pic so you can see cockpit better}

OS DX_toy_9

Add front digger arms piece and fold down canopy.

OS DX_toy_10

Here I removed cannon ...looks like a cool Voltes type digging truck..!! See where yellow missile goes too, others fit in blue chest part.

OS DX_toy_11

Notice how pelican bird's radar ears fit through canopy top holes!

OS DX_toy_12


Hope you had fun!!

OS DX_box_on_shelf

BTW, one small fact - there is a version where the wing sticker says "SUNDAY" instead of "SANDAY" !!! Must have been fixed, as mine is the corrected sticker.

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