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  • MR-30 Three Wheeler Robo Machine-Robo Gobot

Meister BT-08

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Transformer Meister BT-08 1/24 Scale Mazda Car

Jazz-Alternator Just the other day I opened the bland colored Mazda RX-08 known in Japan as Meister. What an odd choice for a new toy in Takara's flagship Binaltech line. White? I sat puzzled and questioned the coloring and the lack of pizzazz.

Ok, those were my first reactions after seeing the BT-08 Meister. My reaction quickly improved after that point. See, Meister is an RX-8 Mazda (descendant of the 70's RX-7) and carries a large amount of clout in Japan. Over here in the states we have just started to warm up to this radical four door car design, two of which open backward. In Japan the RX-8 is just as exciting as a Corvette is to us.

Jazz-backNext I started to warm up to all the diecast. The Japanese release of Meister has diecast feet, hood, and assorted parts. The toy is solid and quite heavy. It owns up to the reputation that all Japanese Binaltech toys have- they are polished 1:24 scale car models of exacting detail. You get chrome rims and solid rubber tires to round out the package.

To me the Meister robot design is the best part of this toy. You have concentrate on transforming the bizarre feet with flip down tabs; doors double for toes. Once that is mastered, alas, you have a limber robot that can strike a pose. Meister has omni-directional arms, legs, and waist articulation. The head can pivot and the fingers are partially articulated. The muffler expands into a chrome gun and fits nicely in Meister's hands.

MeisterRecently I have gained some additional perspective on this toy and its bland color. Hey, if you don't like it we have two options now to spice up the scheme. Reprolabels.com is offering some blue racing stripes that really jazz up the design. Next we have a sparkling red Meister that has been released in Japan. Soon there will be a dark blue metallic redecoration called Shockwave.

The name Meister doesn't really stick, in fact I will think of this white race car and blue visor robot as Jazz. So I like the option of buying stickers and making it like the original G1 Jazz toy with racing stickers. Once you add some exterior pizzazz you will not be disappointed by the ratcheting joints and robot's nimble qualities.

Note: Prototype pictures of the Meister BT-08 are from Lucky X. You can see the evolution of the toy over a few mold changes. Thanks X!



Gray first generation Meister Prototype


Underside of the Meister prototype.


BT-08 Meister in a near final prototype stage.


BT-08 from the side.


Roughed out interior details. The parking brake is unrefined.


Production Transformers Meister BT-08


Meister robot from the back.


Meister's head. It looks just like G-1 Transformers Jazz and been named that if not for a licensing problem.



Meister BT-08




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