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GX-49 Shin Mazinger Big Bang Punch Version SOC Review by Gold

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The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 10/1/09 on the Robot-Japan Forum:



Well, the Gx-49 Shin Mazinger Big Bang Punch version unexpectedly landed in our area early. So here's the review. :)

TV series second intro, music by JAM Project. Easily one of the best Super Robot Intros I've watched in quite a while!
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Mazin Go!!
[image] [image]

God Scrander

Scrander Cross!


Please click to begin video playback.

[image] [image]

Big Bang Punch!


For those who plan to swap around the Gx-45 and Gx-49, there are some points that consider.

The Gx-45 can't do this: pull-out shoulders to give more space, and opening chest plate for the head to fold into. Likewise, the rotating "BreastFire" plates aren't there on the Gx-45.

I have to say I was a bit let down to see that the transformation isn't perfect, some parts swapping is needed here for the fist to turn into the "fingertips".

For those planning to make a "left hand" Big Bang Punch, that's impossible as the joint for the thumb is fixed as a right thumb only.

The End for Energer Z.

Please click to begin video playback.

Some fun with the hand.



Display base.





Comparison with the Gx-45 Mazinger

The Gx-49 is taller due to the thicker feet and taller knees.


With the Gx-01R

Last but not least, to answer the question, "can the God Scrander be attached to the Gx-45?", the answer is yes. :)



Although I didn't bother to try it, I'm fairly certain the Gx-47 Energer can also attach to the God Scrander, as it's from the same mold as Gx-45. :)

The Good
-It transforms.

-Diecast parts includes the back of the torso, the thighs and shoulder.

The Bad
-Possible breakage point? I can't say those skinny plastic locks for the God Scrander give me much comfort in terms of durability.

-Quality Control problems?? Though I haven't checked mine yet, the Tamashii website has noted that there was a problem with the way the finger tips were installed into the "flip out" digits (more precisely, the middle and third fingertips). The factory installed the fingertips upside down. From what I understand the problem is fixable but for me, it is somewhat minor (heck, I didn't even noticed it until I read the website update). I guess I'll have to recheck it later.

-Lack of poseablity compared to the Gx-45, they pretty much scaled it back to Gx-01R level of articulation.

-No shoulder Ratchet joint!!! Grrr....

-Lightweight! Mazinger only weighs 200 Grams now (almost the same as Reideen) and 300 Grams with the God Scrander on! The Gx-45 weighs roughly 300 Grams all by itself.

-Lack of diecast legs makes the toy prone to falling over if not posed properly.

The Ugly
Ok, personally, I really felt let down here, the lack of diecast in two successive releases is making me worry about the future of the line. I opened up the Gx-49 and the first thought that came to mind was "Where's the Gokin?", I even thought for a second that the SOC toy got mixed up with an assembled model kit. Not a very good first impression for a "CHOGOKIN" Toy straight out of the box. Upon discovering the lacking ratchet joints in the shoulders made it even less appealing to me.

True, they made the legs that way to balance the toy in Big Bang Punch mode on the display base but now when it's in "Mazinger mode", the lack of diecast feet as a counter-weight has made the toy top heavy and imbalanced and prone to falling backwards.

Bottom line, don't go in with high expectations with this toy. At least that's the best way I can advise it. Lack of gimmicks, lack of diecast, lack of improved articulation.. well, you get the idea.

Hopefully Bandai shapes up with future releases, with 3 SOCs (Gx-47 to 49) crammed into less than 2 months, this was definitely the low point for me amongst the 3. At best, a mediocre SOC for a less than mediocre Anime series. This one is for the Mazinger Z diehards. :-/



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