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  • Lightspeed - Technobots G1
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  • Mirage Alternators-Binaltech
  • Burning Gundam by Bandai
  • Mazinkaiser SG-03 Overseas Version by Aoshima
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  • Bumblebee MV1 Deluxe Class

GX-31V Voltes V SOC Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (2 votes)


The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 1/21/09 on the Robot-Japan Forum:



At long last, here's my review for the Gx-31V "Respect for Popy" variation Voltes V.

Please click on the smaller images (thumbnails) to view the larger pics. Likewise, please click on the video images to begin video playback. :)


As previously revealed, there's an alternate box "front" on the back (to coincide with the Japanese "Volt in Box") look.

Styro tray (still doesn't have clear celophane though)

Gx31 Styro tray

Interesting to note that the tray has been modified, the groove for Volt Bomber has been lengthen to fit the now longer Volt Bomber arms (due to the add on "vents")

Accessory tray

Compared with the Gx31.

Added extras


I'm not 100% sure but I think the "Crew Cutters" are shinier than the Gx31 (could be just my eyes getting old. :) )

Strange but even though mine is the Asia version, it still came with the Japanese questionaire.

Darker shade of gray for the wrist connectors (Gx31V on the right).

Voltes V Opening Credits

The following videos were fansubbed in English by a Filipino. Sadly, his hard work has been plagerized by local pirates and Anime shops (you can find the complete English-subbed Voltes Anime almost anywhere now). If anyone has any idea who the original subtitler was please drop me a line so I can properly acknowledge him (or her).

Camp Big Falcon

Let's Volt In!

"V Together!"

Voltes Five!!!!
[image] [image]



Voltes' first battle.

This is a clip from the second episode (still a personal favorite), Voltes was the first show to expose me to the concept of death and loss (pretty deep stuff if you're five years old and watching a cartoon. ;) )

Voltes' Weapons
Voltes Missile!


Chain Knuckle!

"firing" Chain Knuckle (minus the chain. LOL :)


Voltes Bazooka!

A great gimmick was added here, the Bazooka fires when you pull back on Voltes' hand (the hand is the trigger). The entire Voltes Bazooka is now removable from the forearm.

I really wished they added extra groin articulation to make Voltes do the Voltes Bazooka pose right.

It's a big improvement over the Gx31 Voltes Bazooka, that one looked really painful for Voltes. ;D


Grand Fire!

Choudenji String!


Choudenji Goma!








Volt Tank mode
It's a big improvement over the Gx31 (even though this mode never appeared in the show).



Display stand
[image] [image]

New fist pegs added

[image] [image]

Comparison with Gx31 Voltes V
Volt Crewzer
[image] [image] [image] [image]

Volt Bomber
[image] [image]

The "default", articulated hands are no longer included.

Volt Panzer
[image] [image]

The tracks are reversed

Volt Frigate
[image] [image]

Volt Lander
[image] [image] [image]

Mechanical eagle
[image] [image] [image]

Using the "V5 Operations Base" (aka "Fan's project Camp Big Falcon")

[image] [image] [image]

[image] [image] [image] [image]

The gap between the Panzer treads on the back is the same (remember seeing earlier shots making it seem the gap is larger than it is now).

Comparison with the Popy/Godaikin Voltes V
Volt Crewzer
[image] [image]

Volt Bomber

Volt Panzer
[image] [image]

Volt Frigate

Volt Lander

Voltes V

The Hong Kong item. A crystal cube with light up LED display base (similar to the one from the SOC Gx41S Reideen). A big thank you to Gasha over at the PTK forums for helping me get this one. I owe you, man! :)
[image] [image] [image]

LED Changes color.
[image] [image] [image] [image] [image]

The Good
-Improved joints all around (particularly the ankles). Voltes doesn't wobble anymore.

-Can do "tank mode".

-Spring loaded firing gimmicks.

-Chromed Volt Lander parts

-Extra elbow articulation

-Not much paint problems, if any (compared to the Gx31).

-Optional "Voltes V" belly sticker.

The Bad
-No chrome on the shoulders, abs and thighs... I was really looking forward to this.

- I don't know if it's just my unit but the Crewzer tends to dislodge easier compared the Gx31 version.

-Hand base tends to come off Voltes' "cuffs" easier than the Gx31 (not really a bad thing though).

The Ugly

Well, nothing really terrible about the toy (other than Bandai taking cost cutting measures and not giving us the chromed abs, shoulders and thighs as seen on the prototype pics). An extra display base would've been nice.

The joints have been much improved and somehow the detailing added much character to the toy compared to the Gx31 (I was half-expecting the extra "numbering" decals to make the toy seem cheesey, suprisingly it didn't). The shade of blue is very eye catching on any shelf.

The Panzer having long legs might bother some who like to display Voltes "Volted-out" but in robot mode, the long Panzer legs don't really stick out that much.

Looking at the toy per se, it's definitely superior to the Gx31, due to the added extras and improved joints. Personally, however, if I had to choose between this or the Gx31, I think I'd still go for the Gx31. I'm an "Anime accuracy comes first" kind of guy, . The white panel lines really took out a lot of the "Anime accuracy" effect (but that's just me).

Voltes Ending Credits



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