GX-13 Dancouga SOC

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GX-13 Dancouga SOC Soul of Chogokin



have always wanted a nice Dancougar toy, but most Dancougar toys from the past have been very mis-proportionate and I never felt that it was a good representation of a Super Robot that was so COOL! I had to settle for a cool little SD Dancougar (see "SD SUPER ROBOTs and PILOTS SETS!!!" in the "Other Bandai--Go Bots, Super Deformed (SD), et. al. " section of Robot-Japan for more details on this little baby)..and some other odds and ends (Gashapons, Banpresto action figure kit). I thought the old BanDai (GoDaiKin) Dancougar was clumbsy and blocky...with that 2nd grade drawing feel to it (you know....when you where in secound grade and you drew a picture of your parents...and their croth was like 3 feet wide with skinny legs). BUT lucky for us, BanDai has come through with their Soul of Chogokin version.


This is one VERY impressive toy....if you buy only one toy this year....this is the way to go. WHEW!!!!! When I first saw the prototype pics an stuff...I knew it was going to be nice, but once you have played with it...looked at all FOUR robots...then transform them into their animal forms, then transform them into their vehicle forms...and finally combine them into Dancougar....you will be in AWE! When I first saw the box....I almost fell over at it's sheer size ( approx. 16x11x8). This is by far the best transforming toy I have EVER touched. Every piece is complex and offers some very sophisticated transformations. Every component has some diecast (even the small Eagle Fighter (Bird/Plane/robot) and there is ALOT of diecast here folks. More diecast content then any Transformers robot or Sentai Robot (Power Rangers Megazords) and he is HEAVY!!!!!!!! Even the Gun transforms into 4 smaller rifles (1 for each robot) and combines into a MASSIVE 11 inch cannon. Now you are thinking...gun shmun...tell us about the sword. The sword is HUGE...at 10 inches long...you are going to need to make room just to display this. The sword is all plastic, but the chrome plated blade has a very real look to it. The articulation of the Dancouga is also very nice with that very solid "click" into place positioning. The plastic is very nice..high quality plastic...very heavy and solid with fine details. As always...paint is one of the most important things to me...and as with the entire BanDai SOC line...the paint is crisp and sharp and has a nice gloss to it. This is the first SOC that does not come with a base, I must admit...I was a little disapointed about that...but I got over it quickly. This is indeed the mother of all Soul of Chogokin toys.

I'm sure you are getting tired of my babbling....so on to the juicy stuff:



Height : 10.5 inches tall from bottom of feet to top of head. 15 inches tall to the top of the blaster cannons.

 Width : 7.5 inches from shoulder to shoulder

Wingspan : 11 inches

Weight : 2.5 pounds

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