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Gurren Lagann SRC Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (2 votes)


The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 3/13/13 on the Robot-Japan Forum:


Hi all, here's the review for the Super Robot Chogokin Gurren Lagann with Drill Set of Manliness Accessory pack.:)

Series Opening credits. Please click to begin video playback.

[image] [image] [image]

Starting with this release, Bandai is incorporating a system called Crossover joint. This means, certain figures can share parts and accessories for added play value. You can mix and match the Gurren Lagann parts with Gunbuster and vice versa.

[image] [image]

Comes with 3 different faceplates.



Pierce the heavens!

Wings - comes with "hidden" joints. To simulate the scenes where Gurren Lagann's are folded when he's not flying.




How the Gurren Lagann got its wings.

Please click to begin video playback.

With the wings, Gurren Lagann weighs 174 Grams, without the wings, he's one 149 Grams.
[image] [image]

Gurren Boomerang

The "shades" on Gurren Lagann's chest plate is not removable. Instead, we have to do a parts swap for Anime accuracy when Gurren's holding the Boomerang.



It comes with an extra Boomerang so you can replicate the Double Boomerang attack as it appears in the Anime.


The Drill Set of Maniliness accessory pack
[image] [image] [image]

Interestingly, the tray comes with a layer of film to help hold the small drills down. This film has some static cling, I think. It's not tape (thank goodness). So the film can be removed, then put back after use. I'm not sure how long static cling will last. Humidity (moisture) will definitely ruin static cling so keep this in mind when handling/storing the set. Nice innovation here from Bandai.

Take note of the two drills at the bottom of the set. These drills are different. They are smaller, but you can't really see that, even if you do a side by side comparison. The best way to distinguish them is to look for the lack of holes at the bottom of the drills.


The "holeless" drills are for insertion into Gurren Lagann's collar when you do the Giga Drill Maximum. These drills are identical to the drills that come with the default set for Gurren's wrists.

Giga Drill Maximum!




Giga Drill Maximum in Action!
Please click to begin video playback.

Giga Drill Break! Bandai included an extra peg for the Giga Drill Break to be attachable to the SRC Gunbuster figure's leg.

The "spinning" drill is actually hollow inside.

Take note of the notches on both "drills", they should help lock both drills together.

Giga Drill Break in Action!
Please click to begin video playback.



With the Konami Great Impact Gurren Lagann. The Konami version is still the Anime accurate-looking one thanks to the stylized leg design of the SRC version.

Sidebar :I've heard reports of the Konami Gurren Lagann deteriorating over time , such as the metal parts becoming rough like it was starting to rust. It's been a few years but, luckily, my Konami version doesn't have any major problems. The only real problem seems to be with the paint on the Konami Gurren's chin, mine seems to be rubbing off (turning liquid?). But only in the chin area. I keep mine stored in the box though.

The Good
-Diecast is mostly in the shoulder joints, the groin joints, lower legs (front/ shin sections only) and the ankle joints.

-Opening and closing torso "jaw"
[image] [image]

-Innovative concepts introduced like the Crossover Joint and the Static Cling used for the drill set.

-Ratchet jointed knees and elbows.

The Bad
-Skirt plate pops out too easily.

-Price. I was kinda surprised at how much the full set is selling for. We got a lot more bang for the buck from the GGG and Hammer set for less IMHO.

-The arms seem too long. I don't know... maybe it's just me?

The Ugly
Setting up the Giga Drill Maximum is a pain. The drills are hard to hold and inserting them really hurts the fingers. Be ready for hell when you plan to do that pose. Sure wish Bandai thought of someway to help one hold onto the drills.

Overall, another great release from the SRC line. Although a part of me wishes this came out in the SOC line somehow, I guess the scale works for the Gurren Lagann next to the SOC line? I think he's roughly the same height as Mazinger Z.





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