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Getter Robo One Damaged Version by Aoshima - Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


The following review was originally prepared by Gold on 10/12/07 on the Robot-Japan Forum:


Hi guys, here's a review of the Damaged Getter. :)


Back of the box

The text translates into " This, you b@stards, is that which you most fear, the Getter Energy Tank!".

The bottom text reads "Farewell ... Tomoe Musashi..."

The box is bigger than the standard sized Getter One boxes, due to the addition of the box which contains the Getter Energy Tank with its cables

The contents of the box aren't that big, so it really seems wasteful for it to eat up so much space.

Contents (be careful not to loose the puny cable. it plugs into Getter's abdomen)

Damaged Getter 1 comes with the following:

Mushashi Tomoe

Damaged and "Normal" Getter One


"Normal" Getter One's cape can be attached (no cape is included with the Damaged Getter)

I don't know if this was intentional but the red part on Getter's back isn't painted.


For some weird reason, pushing the "Getter Beam" switch on the back will make the damage part poke out.
[image] [image]

Getter Tomahawk!

The right open hand comes painted with radiation burns (?).

Damaged arm accessory.

Both arms can be removed.

Arm socket.

Time to detonate the Getter Energy Tank!



Cables are plugged into the damaged area (the puny cable is seen sticking out at the 6 o'clock position)



" This, you b@stards, is that which you most fear, the Getter Energy Tank!"

" Mushashi!!!!!!!"

Here's a video of Getter One getting trashed by the Dinosaur Empire, where Musashi detonates the Getter Energy Tank. Video taken from Shin versus Neo Getter OVA opening.

Please click to begin playback.

To download this file directly into your hard drive for later playback click here and click on "Save" (Note: playback from hard drive requires FLV player software, I recommend downloading Gomplayer):

Thoughts on Damaged Getter One
-No ratchet joints in the shoulders.

-The joints for rotating the forearms are tight as heck! Be careful not to break them when trying to pose the Getter. I didn't encounter this problem with the Normal and Black Getter.

-The extra fists are also somewhat tight to plug into the peg.

-Don't bother opening the underside of the styrofoam tray. There's nothing there.

-I'm not sure how good the quality of the paint is, there are a lot rubbed off paint marks on the paper wedged between the Getter and the styrofoam tray.

-The styrofoam seems different. I think they used smaller pellets this time, it seems to crumble easily (I found a lot of bits and pieces all over the Getter when I first opened it, a lot! Nothing permanently adhering to the Getter's surface but still, not cool)

-Take note of the "bars" holding down the Getter to the styrofoam tray. One side of each "bar" is covered in tape, this is to prevent contact between the styrofoam and the Getter. This is important when returning the toy to the box.

Overall, it's pretty cool. It's my first "battle damaged" gokin toy. Hehe, I just hope Bandai doesn't get any bright ideas and follow this trend by reissuing every SOC in "damaged" mode. :)



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