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  • Black Might Gaine SRC Review by Gold
  • Omega Supreme G1 Reissue
  • Muteki Gattai Shogun/ Shogun Megazord
  • Slag - Dinobots G1
  • Diaclone ads from Italy
  • Collector's Shogun Warriors
  • Red Alert G1 Reissue
  • Gigan Bull Pet by Bullmark
  • Mazinger Z Desktop Model by Unifive
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  • Mazinger Z Soul of Chogokin Poster
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  • Trendmasters Giant Voltron
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  • Star Mites Rocket Borer
  • Gundam Arch Enemy
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Gaofighgar Brave Gokin CMs Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


Whew, it took a while but I finally managed to break out all the CMs Brave Gokins. :)

BTW, to speed up the loading time, the smaller pics are thumbnails, please click on them if you wish to view the larger pics. :)

also, my apologies for the pixeled videos, for some reason the audio and video are out of sync when I upload them to Photobucket, the only way to fix it was to use two different softwares but the video is now pixelated. I'm still trying to figure a way to fix it. It only happens on the video from the first disc of GGG Final though.

Please click to view video
-Opening Credits(Gaogaigar Final- Grand Glorious Gathering ver.)


Please click to view video





The lights in my room slightly changed the color of the toy in the photos. The actual color is a bit more bluish-green, like this:

With the release of the CMs Gaofighgar we finally now have a complete in-scale "trinity" of the three King of Braves complete with diecast parts and transforming gimmicks. Thanks CMs Corp. ;)




Please click to view video



-I prefer to leave the forearms pushed inwards a bit, this helps keep the Pliers stay connected. But it's still very unstable to display it this way. I wish CMs made a better stand for this accessory.

-Pliers Connect!!


Please click to view video





With the other Brave Gokins

-With RaijinOh

-With GodRaijinOh.
-GodRaijinOh is definitely the tallest among all the Brave Gokins released so far.


Drivers Ho!! ;D

-Different "Drivers". The first two are from the Star GGG set and the third is the one for Gaofighgar.

It's Hammer Time!! ... well.. except for Genesic Gaogaigar, I wonder if CMs will release a Goldion Crusher down the road? Even a cardboard one would be nice :D


With the Yujin Master Action DX transforming figure from a few years back
-Phantom Gaos


-Stealth Gao IIIs

-Linear Gao IIs

-Drill Gao IIs


-Goldion Hammers
-the Yujin DX's hammer still gets my vote. It's huge!! :)

With other Gaofighgar toys(from Kotobukiya, Medicom Kubrick and Yujin's Master Action figures)

Please click to view video
Gaofighgar Versus Stolen Star Gaogaigar
-Part 1

-Part 2

-Part 3




"Victory goes to the Brave!!!"

Please click to view video
Destruction of the Gaofighgar, leading to the rise of the Genesic Gaogaigar!

Miscellaneous photos:






Some thoughts:

The Good:
-Diecast only on the Gaofar(not that plenty though, Ken-oh feels heavier).

-Diecast parts on Gaofar include:
*the rods(see "Miscellaneous photos 3 ").
*Torso and thighs(except the protruding/pointy parts, those are all plastic).
*lower legs(only the blue parts, the white parts are plastic).

-Can attach the pliers and hammer.

-Very nice engineering on the Gaofar(the opening hatch for the Linear Gao II opens simultaneously thanks to a new internal gear mechanism).

-Linear Gao II has a spring eject gimmick for "jetisoning" those rockets on it's side, just like in the anime. :)

-"Anime accurate" Gattai. The Linear Gao II passes through the Gaofar!!! (I half expected a Yujin DX design, via plug-ins, glad I was wrong).

-Extra TV GGG head(for Gaofar) to use when creating a "Frankenstein GGG" with a Gaofar core.

-No extra fists for Gaofar, but we do get a "G" fist for GFG. :)

-Comes with "green" wing attachments to simulate "flight mode" wings.

-Knee Drills can hyper-extend.

-GFG's face plate opens to reveal Gaofar's face.

-alternate exhaust plates for the Steath Gao III wings(simulate "open or close" vents, have to swap though)

-Torso has that "shining ,opening belly hatch" gimmick from the anime that opens whenever GFG is doing its "special moves"("Ul-Tech Engine Full Drive mode"). While not anime accurate(rotates to mirror face instead of vertically opening and closing) at least it's better than not having that gimmick there at all(it's the first GFG toy to have a gimmick like that :) ).

-The GFG is very stable, the wings aren't that big a problem, it's got better balancing than the Star GGG.

-Steath Gao III attachment is pretty simple yet effective(see "Miscellaneous Photos 1 ")

-Gaofighgar weighs 680Grams, the same as Star Gaogaigar(the same as Aoshima Mazinkaiser without wings). Brave 01 GGG is roughly 600Grams while Genesic GGG is almost 1.2Kilos.

The Bad:
-Gaofar's head is really, really, REALLY tight on mine, I didn't dare rotate it for fear of breaking the joint. If it weren't for online pics I didn't know it could move at all.

-The Gaofighgar head still doesn't lock in at all, just like the 01 GGG. It comes off when you tilt the toy.

-It doesn't have diecast in the shoulders, or Drill Gaos(same as TV GGG/Brave Gokin 01/02).

-Hell and Heaven isn't quite anime accurate, you have to push the chest plates back to get the hands together. It would've been better if they added an extra swappable smaller chest plate.

-No display stand..

-Kind of hard to insert the exhaust ports on GFG's side since they're really small(see "Miscellaneous Photos 2"). It would've been nicer if they made the connections bigger.

The Ugly:

-Insanely tight joints in the inner shoulder and be ready to struggle with inserting the forearms!! Gaahh! It's ridiculously tight to insert and remove. I don't know if this is just localized to my unit only. Be careful! When removing the forearms, try to push the wrist instead of pull on the arms to prevent breakage.

- The worst news is that the Linear Gao II is very, very prone to heavy scrapes when passing through the Gaofar. Fortunately it's contact is on the plastic parts so it's not that obvious(as compared to say, painted parts), but still, it's very painful to watch it end up that way. :-/ (see "Miscellaneous photos" 4-6)

Overall, even with all the problems I still like this toy, it's got a certain "solid" feel about it, I prefer it over the GGG and Star GGG(maybe generally because I never really liked the GGG design with a lion and a bullet train smooshed together).

I liked all the changes with the internal design on the Gaofar, it seems CMs is still not quite there yet in terms of "flawless design" but at least they're trying. :)



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