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Dream EX Diecast Series F-01 Goraion Review by Gold

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The following review was originally prepared by Gold in August 2013 on the Robot-Japan Forum:


Apologies for the late review (life keeps getting in the way. lol.  :D ) Here's a the review for the Dream EX Diecast Series F-01 Goraion. 



Upon receiving the toy, the first thing I noticed was this:

…. Wow. That paint splooch on Blue Lion looks bad. They really should’ve tried to use a nicer image for a box front. 

Fortunately, the actual toy does not have the paint problem (on mine anyways).


Toy requires two LR44 batteries to work. Batteries NOT included.

Just slap them into the back of Goraion’s head, no screwdrivers needed to remove the cover.

Switch is located at the base of the head.

They modified the eyes, instead of being plain clear when the eyes are off, they painted (?) the eyes yellow. This makes the eyes look “active” even when the lights are off but when the lights are on, they now give an orange glow instead of simple yellow like in the promo images.

I absolutely love this figure! Despite lacking any ability to separate into individual lions, the toy is solid! Lots of ratchet joints and very good degrees of articulation here.

Goraion shield

Goraion Sword!

There are 3 variations of the sword included.

Faceplates are easily swapped thanks to the magnets on the back of the plates.

There are 3 faces that come with the toy, normal, open-mouthed, smirking (yes, happy Goraion!) 

Display base.

There’s a plug-in arm here for the Goraion, it can’t help it hold flying poses or anything though. It just helps hold the Goraion steady, in the event of an earthquake or something, I guess. Beats nothing?

Some fun poses with the happy, smirking Goraion.

Diecast parts include:
-Lower legs
-Almost the entire torso

The Goraion weighs about 165 Grams and stands a little over 5 inches tall.

On a side note, I love how the box is so damn thick. It sure beats most thin cardboards used by Transformers, and the occasional SOC (looks over to DX Mazinger Scrander Set box). Yeah….  :)

Here’s the promotional poster for the figure.  :) Special thanks to a very good friend who got one for me. 


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