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Alteisen SRC Review by Gold

5.0/5 rating (1 votes)


Super Robot Chogokin Alt Eisen


(note: the box now has 3 tape seals)


[image]  [image]




Multi-directional thrusters

Adjustable shoulder wing parts

Square Claymore

Triple Machine Cannon

Heat Horn effect

Diecast is mostly in the main torso of the toy, surprisingly, the chunky lower legs are diecast as well. Giving Alt Eisen a feeling of heft and balance.

Revolving Stake is also diecast

Revolving Stake can be “reloaded”, sadly, it doesn’t come with a reloader or actual removable shells (unlike the Unifive figure).

Action prop for Revolving Stake effect

Comparison with the Unifive Banpresto Alt Eisen 
(SRC on the left, Unifive on the right)


The Unifive Banpresto figure has a lot going for it. It has a display base (complete with hangar props), spring-released Square Claymore bays, spring-released shoulder wings, real working spring-released Revolving Stake with removable shells and a reloader cartridge. Plus the Unifive Banpresto figure is much more heavier (370 Grams) compared to the SRC version (230 Grams)

However, the Super Robot Chogokin figure has one critical advantage over the Unifive and that’s awesome poseability and sturdier joints. The Unifive Banpresto figure had a lot of bad press about how weak the joints were and how its leg joints were prone to break from simple posing. 

With that said, I have to say, at the end of it all, the extra gimmicks are nice but it’s how tough sturdy and resilient the joints are what really counts. If I had to choose one, given that both have decent amounts of diecast, I would most likely recommend the SRC figure. :)

Action Poses






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