• Barricade MV1 Deluxe Class
  • Skylynx G1 Reissue
  • Laserion DX by Bandai
  • Doubledealer G1
  • Friender Bike Jumbo Series by Grip
  • Jetstorm MV1 Ultra Class
  • GX-62 Danguard Ace SOC Review by Gold
  • J-Decker SRC Review by Gold
  • Choryujin SRC Review by Gold
  • GA-17 Robo Ton
  • Sunstreaker Alternators-Binaltech
  • Vortex - Combaticons G1
  • Cyclonus - Targetmaster G1
  • MR-43 Street Heat Machine-Robo Gobot
  • MR-36 Blockhead Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Sideswipe G1 Reissue
  • Lockdown MV2 ROTF Deluxe Class
  • Popy catalog - Europe
  • Wheel-A-Gear Robot by Taiyo
  • MP-05 Megatron Masterpiece
  • Mazinger 1969 EX
  • Akumaizer 3 - Gari Bird by Grip
  • PB-94 Gatchaman Gatchaspartan ST
  • Mazinger Z Soul of Chogokin Poster
  • Eject G1
  • Skywarp Animated Voyager Class
  • Baldios Custom Made of Lego
  • Elintseeker VE-01 Valkyrie- Hi-Metal
  • MP-09 Rodimus Prime Hasbro Version Review by Gold
  • Burning Gundam by Bandai
  • Optimus Prime MV2 ROTF Leader Class
  • Construction Robot Jeek Tunneln by Shinsei
  • Bulkhead Animated Leader Class
  • X-70 Space Robot or Tulip Head
  • Apolon Trang by Grip
  • Dirge G1
  • Cliffjumper G1
  • Shockwave PBH Voyager Class
  • GX-55 Tobikage and Houraioh SOC Review by Gold
  • GX-04 Grendizer UFO Robo SOC
  • Rodimus Minor Animated Deluxe Class
  • Govarian
  •  Mekanda Robo by Grip
  • MR Bentwing Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Gatchaman G2
  • Megatron G1 Reissue Black 16-S
  • Voltes V Camp Big Falcon by Toyz Secret Review by Gold
  • Akumaizer 3 - Zaidabek by Grip
  • Optimus Prime Titanium
  • Grimlock Titanium
  • GX-34 Gunbuster SOC Review by Gold
  • Polimar Roller
  • Pipes G1
  • Okawarimecha DX Mechanism
  • Desert Tracker Ratchet MV2 ROTF Voyager Class
  • Blot - Terrorcons G1
  • PA-59 Mutropolis Base
  • Thundertron TP Voyager Class
  • Rumble G1
  • Cosmos G1
  • GX-02B Great Mazinger Black SOC
  • Ratchet G1 Reissue
  • Battle Hawk by Takemi
  • MR-13 Hans-Cuff Machine-Robo Gobot
  • GD-03B God Reideen Black
  • PB-09 Camp Big Falcon
  • The Fallen MV2 ROTF Voyager Class
  • Grimlock FOC Voyager Class
  • Prowl Alternators-Binaltech
  • MRT-44 Stinger Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Irongear Diecast
  • GX-24 Tetsujin 28 Bandai SOC
  • Pounce - Decepticon Clone G1
  • Abominus - Terrorcons G1
  • Mazinkaiser Black Wing Version II by Aoshima
  • Ratchet MV2 ROTF Deluxe Class
  • Black Might Gaine SRC Review by Gold
  • GD-26 MS-06 Zaku II
  • Galient DX by Sansei
  • MR-54 Man-O-War Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Okawarimecha DX Mechanism
  • Soundblaster FOC Voyager Class
  • Albegas Custom Paper Creation
  • Blazer Zenmai by Bullmark
  •  Valyrie Armored GBP-1
  • GA-08 Amazon Rider
  • Genesic Gaogaighar Green and Gold Editions Review by Gold
  • Overkill G1
  • Silverstreak Reissue E-Hobby G1
  • Rube Gobot Machine-Robo
  • Cyclonus - Targetmaster G1
  • Akumaizer 3 - Zaidabek by Grip
  • X-70 Space Robot or Tulip Head
  • PC-12 Yamato III DX
  • Gingaman Galaxy Megazord GD-11
  • Downshift - Omnibots G1
  • Doublecross - Monsterbots G1
  • Car Robot Corvette Stingray
  • Gardian DX Godaikin
  • Construction Robot Rock Cutter by Shinsei
  • Herr Fiend Super Gobot Machine-Robo
  • GA-48 Granzel
  • Big Hawk by Takemi
  • Iron Giant Movie Poster
  • PA-32 Zero Tester Command Center
  • Sideswipe Alternators-Binaltech
  • Megatron MV1 Voyager Class
  • PA-70 Sky Jet
  • Dirge G1
  • Skystalker PBH Deluxe Class
  • Arcee Animated Deluxe Class
  • Mego Man
  • Sideswipe MV2 ROTF Deluxe Class
  • Unicron Prototype
  • Microman Catalog 1982
  • Alteisen SRC Review by Gold
  • Bandai Catalog 1997
  • GX-24N Tetsujin SOC Review by Gold
  • Legioss AFC-01H Red -Mospeada (Alpha)
  • Transformers Catalog 1987
  • Getter Robo One SG-06 by Aoshima
  • Sergeant Kup Generations Deluxe Class
  • WMR-02 Helitanser Machine Robo
  • Popy Toy Insert Catalog 1970's #4
  • Barricade MV1 Deluxe Class
  • King Dam Diabattles KO
  • MR-02 Tank Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Scourge G1
  • Skywarp G1 Reissue
  • Goggle V
  • Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Rahxephon Review by Gold
  • Optimus Prime MV1 Voyager Class
  • Scalpel MV2 ROTF Scout Class
  • VT-01 Super Ostrich
  • Devastator by JD Productions
  • PB-72 Gatcha Phoenix II DX
  • Scavenger - Constructicons G1
  • PB-01 Dangard Ace Gard Rancher by Popy
  • Destroyer Super Gobot Machine-Robo
  • Gatchaman G1 Jumbo Series by Grip
  • Robo-Q from Robodatchi
  • Blitzwing Animated Voyager Class
  • Micronauts Catalog 1977
  • GA-39 Robo Riki
  • Chopper Standard Defender
  • Mazinga
  • Ironhide MV1 Voyager Class
  • Getter Robo Two SG-19 by Aoshima
  • GA-01 Mazinger Z
  • Predaking - Predacons G1
  • MR-Collector
  • MP-10 Optimus Prime Masterpiece version 2 review by Gold
  • Door Robot or Revolving Flashing Robot
  • Devastator - Constructicons G1
  • Ultra Magnus G1 Reissue
  • Rollbar Alternators-Binaltech
  • Mego Man
  • Barricade MV1 Deluxe Class
  • GX-38 Iron Gear SOC (and review by Gold)
  • Warpath Super Gobot Machine-Robo
  • Godaikin catalog
  • Pegas by Grip
  • Roadbuster G1
  • PA-65 Kage Roller by Popy
  • GX-43 Daimos SOC Review by Gold
  • Getter Robo Two Weathering SG-19 by Aoshima
  • GD-16 RX-78-2 (Limited Edition Titans Version)
  • Baldios Custom Made of Lego
  • The Fallen MV2 ROTF Voyager Class
  • Shin Mazinger Z SRC Review by Gold
  • Super 7 Magazine Godaikin Review by Ed Sandford
  • Rumble Alternators-Binaltech
  • Getter Robo One SG-11 by Aoshima
  • Gao Icarus
  • Fairlady Z Bluestreak
  • Rex Avarian Robot
  • Ratchet Animated Deluxe Class
  • Brawl - Combaticons G1
  • Henshin Cyborg ad
  • Command Ravage Energon Deluxe Class
  • Starscream HFTD Leader Class
  • Fireflight MV2 ROTF Scout Class
  • Getter Robo One SG-11 Metallic by Aoshima
  • GA-93 MechaGodzilla
  • Tekkaman by Nakajima
  • Ramhorn G1
  • Mekanda Jet Set by Bullmark
  • Banzaitron MV2 HFTD Voyager Class
  • Daimos Anime Cel
  • Sasuraiger DX by Takatoku
  • Streak Alternators Prototype
  • Bombshock with Combaticons PCC
  • Starscream G1
  • Popy Catalog -
  • 007 Lotus Esprit by Grip
  • Steeljaw G1
  • Air Raid FOC Deluxe Class
  • Jeeg - Black Magnemo Reissue by Takara
  • Bumblebee MV2 ROTF Deluxe Class
  • GB-24 Tetsujin DX
  • Spin-Lancer ST by Takemi
  • GD-12 Gingaman Bulltaurus
  • Gundam Super Combination DX Gattai Set by Clover
  • Tryder Custom Paper Creation
  • MRT-44 Stinger Machine-Robo Gobot
  • Zoids
  • Thrust Titanium
  • Optimus Prime Animated Deluxe Class
  • Robotech Robolinks Toy Insert Catalog 1985
  • Okawarimecha DX Mechanism
  • Machine Robo Card - French
  • Scourge G1
  • Megatron MV2 ROTF Leader Class
  • Popy Toy Insert Catalog 1970's #1
  • Getter I Black Ryoma

  • Jeff Sung Toy Interview- (Collection selling Sept 16th and 17th, 2017)

    on Saturday, July 01, 2017.

    Jeff Sung Toy Interview (collection selling September 16th and 17th, 2017)

    -For those of you that don't know, there will be an absolutely incredible Japanese diecast collection being sold this September, 2017.  Jeff Sung has been a long-time collector and is letting the toys go.  Below is an interview tracing his collecting background and giving some perspective to the mass of toys being sold at www.MorphyAuctions.com in the near future.


  • Robot Toys for Sale at Morphy Auctions Sept 23rd, 2016 Sale

    on Thursday, September 01, 2016.


    Please put your wife and wallet on notice that the Great Robot Roundup of 2016 will be happening at Morphy's Auction house September 23rd and 24th, 2016.  This year's luscious lineup will include Mekanda Robo DX in both a diecast and jumbo form as well as an extensive jumbo machinder and AFA Transformers lineup.

    We may just see a new record set for the stellar AFA 90 Lancia "MarlboroJack" Diaclone.  It is arguably in the best condition in the entire world and came from.................


  • Robot Japan Art and Social Event, January 25th 2016!

    on Sunday, January 24, 2016.

    RJ Net1

     Come to the Robot-Japan art event Saturday, January 30th, 2016.

     12 Noon - 6PM

    620 1st Ave South, St. Petersburg, FL

    There will be Special guests, buy/sell/trade tables, guest artists, appraisals, and various toy and anime dealers present!  Guests include Travis Landry of Toy Hunter fame and Robby Musso, renown Transformers comic artist.

  • Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Rahxephon

    Megahouse Variable Action Hi-Spec Rahxephon

    on Friday, May 29, 2015.

    Be sure to check out the new robot Megahouse Variable action Hi-Spec Rahxephon review by Gold!



  • Collector's Corner #18

    on Saturday, February 22, 2014.

    Spotlight On... Coldiron (Josh Coldiron)

    After a long break, the Collector's Corner is back!  The eighteenth Collector's Corner features Coldiron, a longtime RJ member.  Read on to learn more about this super collector!

    feature- gokin

  • Completion of a Collection Line - Popy Jumbo Machinders

    on Tuesday, December 31, 2013.

    mikedeco 1

    Mike (mikedeco on the RJ forum, MD below) is a long-time board member, and is an inspiration to many on the boards.  He is exclusively a Jumbo Machinder collector, and in particular, he has focused on Popy Machinders.  He has always been a great source of information on the forum.  He recently posted that he had acquired the very last Popy Machinder in the line, and that now his collection was complete with the full line of these toys from this manufacturer.  He graciously agreed to an interview to discuss his collection, journey, thoughts on the achievement, and interest in other side projects.  



  • Fewture Models Mazinger Z 1901

    Fewture Models Mazinger Z 1901

    on Thursday, October 03, 2013.


    This is my review for a Fewture Models Mazinger Z 1901 that I picked up at PalmCon 2013. This review is for Florida Geek Scene and Robot Japan. Please excuse my mix up between the characters Alpha, Minerva X, and Aphrodite A. I meant to mention Minerva X and Aphrodite A but for whatever reason kept saying Alpha whenever I thought of them. Eh..


  • Danguard Ace, Gunbuster, and Rahxephon, OH MY!

    Danguard Ace, Gunbuster, and Rahxephon, OH MY!

    on Thursday, September 05, 2013.

    Three new Gold reviews are up, including the long-awaited Dangard Ace SOC, Gunbuster SRC (including the Effort and Guts Weapons Set), and the Megahouse Rahxephon! 

  • Clover Daitarn 3 Comparison - Push vs. Deluxe

    Clover Daitarn 3 Comparison - Push vs. Deluxe

    Written by Myles, on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

    Here is an in-depth review of the two diecast transforming Daitarn 3 toys made by Clover.  While the deluxe version is known quite well by most collectors, the little guy may surprise you!  Read on...